At Forest Digital we digitally print fabric for leading and emerging fashion and interior brands in the UK and beyond. We are recognised as experts in digital fabric printing with decades of experience, and can offer bespoke creative guidance, in-depth knowledge of a large number of fabrics types from cotton to silk, state-of-the-art eco-friendly digital printing and short lead times.

Whether you are an established fashion label, an interior designer or a small start-up, Forest Digital can digitally print your custom designs on a whole range of high quality fabrics and make your creations a stunning reality.

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fabric printing uk
fabric printing uk
fabric printing uk
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Digital fabric printing services UK
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples
Digital fabric printing samples

If you are looking for environmentally friendly digital fabric printing then we have that covered too, at Forest Digital we are committed to making our digital printing process as eco and sustainable as possible, and we have the certifications to prove it.

Our brand-new EPSON Monna Lisa machine is the market leader of digital fabric printers and prints fabric at 1200 DPI with a 16 ink-head system. It has an Eco Passport certification and our inks are all OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified. The printing inks we use are water based, so no harmful chemicals are involved in our digital printing process.

Our new selection of GOTS certified organic and sustainable plant-based fabrics are the finest in the world and can make your custom printed fabric collection not only awesome but also environmentally-friendly.

You can print your bespoke fabric designs in seamless repeats or placement print layouts on any of our wide range of high quality fabrics to achieve the look and feel you want.

Forest Digital will guide you through the digital fabric printing production process from initial file setup all the way through to the final delivery of your own fabric.

Please see our shop to order any fabric samples!

What is your lead-time for fabric printing?

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and we usually only require around one week to process and print your artworks onto your chosen fabric type. It can vary depending on the size of the order, but our turnaround times are fast – we are very efficient!

Will colours print differently on different fabrics?

All of our fabrics for digital print are printed with the same ink set, so our colours should be quite consistent. However, please note that slight colour shifts can occur between contrasting fabric types. Naturally a heavy cotton will want to hold the ink differently to a shiny silk, so this is something to bear in mind.

What inks do you use?

We use water-based inks from Epson, so no harmful chemicals are involved. They have an OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification.

What technique and machine do you print with?

Everything we do is digital, and the process used for application is directed textiles.

We have a state-of-the-art Epson Monna Lisa Evo Tre digital print machine, it prints at 1200dpi with 16 ink heads and has an Eco Passport certification for its sustainability.

Are there any additional charges?

Our prices per meter are all available on our fabric list. We also have a roll-on fee of £20 and a setup fee of £25. We cannot start printing your files immediately, there has to be a certain amount of fabric already running through the machine before we can begin to print – almost like a header and footer for the digital print run. The roll-on covers this excess plain fabric, and this charge is applied per fabric. The setup fee per file covers the cost of preparing files for print and sending to rip. If you place a repeat order with the same files, you will not need to pay this fee again. Other than VAT and delivery, these are all of our additional charges for fabric printing.

How does your pricing work?

The pricing on our fabric list include both the fabric and print charge. These prices show the price per meter. An invoice for fabric printing will have a roll-on fee, a setup fee, the price per meter multiplied by the amount of meterage needed, VAT and a delivery fee.

What is your delivery fee?

All orders are sent out with DHL. We send all fabric rolls on a next day service and have a flat shipping rate of £27.50 per package. For lighter parcels, such as strike offs and short runs, this cost can be reduced. If you wish to send with your own courier service, we will just need you to send us the shipping labels and paperwork so that it can be attached to your fabric roll.

Can you print onto supplied fabric?

Our fabrics have all been tried and tested. We have specific machine and ink settings for each fabric type, this allows us to achieve optimal digital print results whether you are printing for fashion or home decor. There is much more of a risk involved with fabric that is unknown to us and supplied by the client. Therefore, we don’t advise to supply your own fabric bases, but if you have our minimum order quantity for this service of 36m (uncoated fabric only), we could potentially consider it. It is best to get in contact with us as it all depends on the composition of the fabric you have. We would also request to see a sample of it before agreeing to take on the order.

Do you offer duplex printing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer duplex printing or dye sublimation. We cannot achieve print on the other side/ reverse of the fabric. However, we do print with a lot of ink, so you will see that naturally some of the ink will push through to the other side of the cloth on lighter weight fabrics.

Do you offer sustainable fabrics?

We offer a range of high quality sustainable fabric types. From GOTS certified organic cottons to OEKO-Tex certified plant-based fabrics. We stock everything from organic poplin, organic satin and organic canvas, eco twill, eco satin, viscose, tencel, rayon and bamboo!

Can you print metallic or neon colours?

Unfortunately, we cannot print metallic or neon colours, but it is possible to get close to these tones with our reactive inks. If you have the correct yellow tone and were to opt for a shiny fabric such as a satin, this can help to achieve a more golden look. This would also apply to a grey for silver or brown for bronze. Our ink set is also very vibrant, so as long as you are selecting the correct tones, it is possible to achieve near to neon colours.

We recognise that all types of textile printing have an influence on the environment; it’s simply that our eco-friendly digital fabric printing processes are among the most environmentally friendly, and we at Forest Digital are working to do our part whenever feasible while still meeting our clients’ needs.

We understand how concerned you are about our environmental effect and the role we all play in safeguarding the environment as our consumers.

We make no apologies for obtaining high-quality items that are compliant with business ethics. We are delighted to be a responsible British business that adheres to British manufacturing standards.

Contact us today to discuss any of your digital print requirements!

Picking out a suitable fabric these days is a challenge with over 140+ varieties of fabric to choose from. It is important to make sure that the one you pick is the best-suited option for your health and worth every penny you invest.

At Forest Digital Fabric Printing, we make use of the most eco-friendly digital fabric printing that does not diminish the quality of the fabric and retains originality for the long term.

At Forest digital, we make use of eco-friendly fabric printing in the UK; as such, the amount of ink used is significantly less and therefore the work does not generate adequate waste. This is quite an advantage over screen printing.

Eco-friendly fabric printing in the UK is considered a highly sustainable solution with little or no environmental damage. It is quite a friendly method to use high-quality fabrics and is gaining popularity because of the positive impact when compared with traditional textile manufacturing practices.

Forest digital has an OEKO text standard certification.

All products manufactured are OEKO TEX certified. Precisely, every printing material has the OEKO TEX fabric UK certification, which guarantees product sustainability and safety for use. Products certified under the OEKO TEX fabric UK are environmentally friendly and created through socially responsible production facilities.

With high-quality digital textile printing, you get to experience high-resolution flexibility and find patterns on your favorite fabrics, created from unlimited color combinations. The digital textile printing process does not require water for sublimation; therefore, the cost of digital textile printing is low.

As a customer, you do not have to shell out your entire pocket to have your favorite fabric designs delivered to your doorstep. Digital fabric printing also offers you low sample costs as there are no such demands to produce and test screens for individual patterns.

For small orders, digital textile printing is a cost-effective method, and it will also help you get material printed of any size or dimension. For example, if you wish to get 1 m cloth printed as a fashion designer, it is quite possible since the printing method caters to smaller runs more effectively.

If you have a preference for your fabric design, forest digital will have your images done on your favorite fabric in seamless repeats or placement print layouts. We ensure that our fabric printing processes offer you high-quality complete products that give you a sense of satisfaction and help you achieve the look and feel you desire.

Use of Inks

Forest Digital Fabric Printing is done with water-based inks, and Everything done at Forest digital goes through the process of director textiles and digital print machines.

So if you have skin sensitivities, you need not worry about wearing our products for a long time. Get your custom fabric printed with your unique design and receive high-quality finished products from forest digital. You can also select from ready-to-print custom-made designs by curated artists. Digital textile printing with the use of eco-friendly digital fabric printing methods assures you that the fabrics and their properties will leave a positive impact on your life.