At Forest Digital we print fabric for leading and emerging fashion brands in the UK and beyond. We are recognised as experts in digital fabric printing with decades of experience and can offer bespoke creative guidance, in-depth knowledge of a large number of fabric types from cotton to silk, state-of-the-art digital fabric printing, and short lead times.

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Scarf Manufacturing By Forest Digital

Forest Digital specializes in digital fabric printing and production of high-quality scarves in silk, crepe de chine, satin, and cashmere fabrics. We take your custom scarf design all the way from your creative artwork to the finished scarves.

If you are looking to produce printed silk scarf , Forest Digital has a wide selection of organic and sustainable fabric types for you to choose from, so that your own design scarves won’t just look and feel wonderful but they will also be environmentally friendly.

If you would like to include your fashion brand or care labels on your scarves, supply us with them and we can sew these on at no additional cost!

What are the best fabric type for scarf manufacturing?

For custom printed scarves, if you prefer a more matte fabric, we recommend our crepe de chine or silk twill. We say to opt for twill if you like a more textural or prominent weave.

If you prefer something that has more of a sheen, we recommend our crepe back satin.

If your print design features borders, we advise opting for a CDC or twill. The straight warp and weft properties of these fabrics allow us to manufacture perfectly straight scarves. With bordered artworks, the border is essentially acting as a ruler. So, any deviation in the cloth means that it will be very visible once cut and hemmed.

If you are perhaps after something softer, our cashmere modal works well for larger scarves.

Can I produce sustainable scarves at Forest Digital?

Yes, if you are looking to produce sustainable scarves, we have a wide selection of organic and sustainable fabric types for you to choose from.

What shape scarves are available?

We offer a fully bespoke digital scarf printing and manufacturing service so Forest Digital can manufacture pretty much any shape or size scarf you desire!

What scarf hems are available?

We currently offer a hand roll, pin hem, or frayed edge for scarves.

How do I send my designs?

Send your artworks to us print-ready with a seam allowance of 1.5cm for panels. Please send your files to us via We Transfer at

What is your minimum order quantity for scarf manufacturing?

For our bespoke scarf manufacturing service, we have a MOQ of 24 units and you can include a mixture of sizes, print designs, and artworks within this quantity.

What is your lead-time for scarf manufacturing?

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, from the day that everything is approved and ready to go, we will need around 4 weeks. This is the time we require to prepare the fabric type, print the fabric, cut, hem, and then send it to you. This turnaround time will vary on the size of the order, but it should never exceed 4-5 weeks.

What is the 10% fault rate for scarf orders?

Our 10% fault rate is applied to any scarf order that has panelled artworks as opposed to repeating artworks. If a fault occurs on a panel, the whole panel has to be discarded and reprinted or redone. Unlike a repeat print, where if a small fault occurs it can simply be cut around. Therefore, we will always print 10% over to cover the cost of any potential faults or marks that may arise. If your run is 100% successful, you will receive all of the extra printed panels or finished units.

What seam allowance should I leave if printing panels?

We advise you to add a 1.5cm seam allowance to each edge, so 90cm x 90cm would then become a 93cm x 93cm panel. This will ensure the scarves measure full size at 90cm x 90cm once finished.

Forest Digital is a well-known UK expert in the digital print manufacturing process for custom silk scarf printing and neckwear, giving guidance on fabric, hems, artwork, finish, and more. Personalise printed silk scarf today.

Create your own custom silk scarves using pure natural silk and your own pattern. When manufacturing your printed silk scarf, we utilise the best quality silk that has the most vibrant colour. Silk scarf printing is done using a stunning natural fabric.

If you have any questions regarding our digital printing scarf production service, please get in contact with a member of our team!

If you have any questions regarding our digital printing scarf production service, please get in contact with a member of our team!